MAN TGA Operator's and Maintenance Manual

MAN TGA Maintenance Manual

The Maintenance Manual includes details of the maintenance type and a description of maintenance work. For details of special bodies and attachments as well as additional equipment, please refer to the service documentation provided by the manufacturer concerned.

Maintenance work must be carried out properly and at the specified intervals in order to ensure constant vehicle availability, road safety and a long vehicle service life. Recommended maintenance work which requires specialist knowledge may only be carried out by qualified personnel.

You will find a detailed explanation of the MAN maintenance system and the intervals at which the various services are due, depending on the maintenance group, in the current "Maintenance Recommendations and Recommended Service Products" booklet.

Confirmation that maintenance work has been performed correctly and at the specified intervals is to be entered in the "Maintenance Record" together with the relevant details.

In the event of claims under warranty, evidence must be brought that proper maintenance was carried out at the specified intervals, that approved or recommended service products were used and that genuine MAN spare parts were installed. Therefore, we would ask the vehicle owner to always have the maintenance work carried out only in authorised service centres and the staff of the service centres to follow the instructions and recommendations given in this Maintenance Manual.


  • Always fit new seals and gaskets to replace ones that have worked loose
  • Use a torque wrench to tighten connections for which a tightening torque has been specified
  • Clean removed parts before refitting them. Check them for damage if the instructions do not recommend that you should renew them
  • Fit new hose lines if the outer jacket is damaged or has become brittle. This also applies if the hose fittings are damaged or if the hose is coming out of its fittings
  • The specialist staff responsible must determine the cause of malfunctions, incorrect settings and damage, even if the rectification of such problems does not form part of the maintenance work

MAN TGA Operator's Manual

As of my last update in September 2021, the MAN TGA Operator's Manual is a comprehensive document provided by MAN Truck & Bus AG to guide the owners and operators on the proper operation, maintenance, and safety aspects of the MAN TGA trucks. The manual contains valuable information to ensure the truck is used efficiently, safely, and in compliance with the manufacturer's guidelines.

The contents of the MAN TGA Operator's Manual typically include:

  1. Introduction: An overview of the manual's purpose and how to use it effectively.

  2. Vehicle Description: Detailed information about the truck's specifications, features, and components.

  3. Vehicle Operation: Instructions on starting and stopping the engine, operating the transmission, and driving the vehicle safely and economically.

  4. Instrumentation and Controls: Explanation of the various gauges, indicators, switches, and controls on the dashboard and throughout the cabin.

  5. Safety Information: Important safety guidelines for the driver and other road users, covering topics like seatbelt usage, airbag operation, handling hazardous materials, and more.

  6. Maintenance and Servicing: Recommended maintenance schedules, fluid levels, inspection procedures, and basic troubleshooting tips to keep the truck in good working condition.

  7. Lubrication and Fluids: Guidance on proper lubrication and fluid specifications for the engine, transmission, cooling system, and other components.

  8. Tires and Wheels: Information on tire types, pressures, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and safety.

  9. Electrical System: Details about the truck's electrical components and how to handle electrical issues.

  10. Brakes: Instructions on brake operation, maintenance, and potential problems.

  11. Suspension and Chassis: Guidance on maintaining and inspecting the suspension system and chassis components.

  12. Roadside Emergencies: Tips on what to do in case of breakdowns, accidents, or other emergencies.

  13. Towing and Recovery: Procedures for towing or recovering a disabled vehicle safely.

  14. Environmental Protection: Information on handling waste materials, recycling, and eco-friendly driving practices.

Please note that the contents and layout of the Operator's Manual may vary depending on the specific model and version of the MAN TGA truck. If you are an owner or operator of a MAN TGA truck, it's essential to obtain the latest version of the Operator's Manual from an authorized MAN dealer or the manufacturer's official website to ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

MAN TGA Maintenance Manual
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