MAN L2000 M2000 F2000 construction Service Manual

This „Guide to Fitting Bodies for Trucks“ (hereinafter also called the „Guide“) is published by MAN Nutzfahrzeuge. The Guide is also available via our „MANTED® Technical Data“ software and on the Internet. The user is responsible for ensuring that he is working with the latest issue. Our TDB Department (see „Publisher“ above) can provide information about the current status of the document.

This Guide serves as instructions and as a technical aid for companies that carry out the design and installation of bodies for truck chassis as well as companies that carry out modifi cations to truck chassis.

This Guide applies to:

  • New vehicles
  • Old vehicles

if retrospective work is being carried out on these vehicles. A Guide to Fitting Bodies for bus chassis can be obtained from NEOMAN.

Vehicle designations
To identify and differentiate MAN vehicles, components and assemblies, Sections 2.1 to 2.5 of this chapter will describe some of the designations in greater detail. The fi gures contained in model designations serve only as an indication and are not defi nite fi gures for actual maximum load carrying capacity for specifi c components or assemblies; in addition, they do not always agree with the legally specifi ed limits.

Model ranges
Within the MAN vehicle programme there are different vehicle classes or model ranges. When reference is made in this Guide to vehicle families or model ranges, it is referring to the following vehicles:

L2000 7,5t - 10,5t see Table 12
M2000L 12t - 26t see Table 13
M2000M 12t - 25t see Table 14
F2000 19t - 41t see Table 15
E2000 19t - 50t see Table 16


MAN construction Service Manual
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