John Deere 4M Series Service and Technical Manuals

Warning: the power you will find inside these pages may well be the jolt you need to take a drive to your John Deere dealer and sit down in the seat of a 4 Series Compact Utility Tractor. Yes, the new lineup is that powerful. There are 8 models to choose from:

  1. The 43.1 HP (31.7 kW) 4044M, 51.5 HP (37.9 kW) 4052M and 65.9 HP (48.5 kW) 4066M Tractors have power and simplicity. To the power of 4. These open station models feature a standard PowrReverser™ Transmission designed to help make short work of loader work, with an easy forward/reverse lever mounted to the left of the steering column. The standard 4-Wheel Drive and tough Yanmar® diesel engines are essential. Learn all about it on page 4.
  2. The new 51.5 HP (37.9 kW) 4052M Heavy Duty and new 65.9 HP (48.5 kW) 4066M Heavy Duty Tractors are all strength and versatility. To the power of 4. The standard eHydro™ Transmission, four work lights and low Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) hinge point on these open station models allow for efficient work in dim, tight spaces while the standard Category 1, 2 Three-point Hitch can fit a wide array  of attachments without any costly aftermarket enhancements to switch between the two. Perfect for poultry houses, landscapers, and cow calf operations. Check it out on page 6.
  3. The 43.1 HP (31.7 kW) 4044R, 51.5 HP (37.9 kW) 4052R and 65.9 HP (48.5 kW) 4066R Tractors are top of the line. To the power of 4. You’ll get the eHydro Transmission with TwinTouch™ pedals, eThrottle™, SpeedMatch™, LoadMatch™, and Cruise Control for  efficiency. The works. All standard. The options are  powerful. Starting with the optional Cab with Heat and AC. Check it out on page 8.

Strength and Simplicity. To the Power of 4.
4M Tractors deliver dependable, economical power for work on landscape jobs, farms, horse operations, recreational properties and in municipal fleets. Choose from three open station models. The 43.1 HP (31.7 kW) 4044M, 51.5 HP (37.9 kW) 4052M and 65.9 HP (48.5 kW) 4066M all feature 4-wheel drive and a tough, 4-cylinder Yanmar® diesel engine with an ample torque reserve. And that’s just for starters. Servicability is strong. A 200-hour oil change interval.

The tough, 4-cylinder Yanmar® diesel engine powered, 43.1 HP (31.7 kW) 4044R, 51.5 HP (37.9 kW) 4052R and 65.9 HP (48.5 kW) 4066R Tractors have the best of just about everything. The overall benefits of  these four-wheel drive tractors reach new heights of engineering excellence.

More than 50 implements and hundreds of attachments are ready and waiting. From front loaders, backhoes and wheel rakes to canopies, work lights and batteries, John Deere and Frontier commercial-grade implements along with quality attachments do it all. Hookup is fast and easy, high performance is a given.

400E, 440R or the 440R MSL Front Loaders get it done with an easy-toattach/detach Quik-Park™ loader or Mechanical Self Leveling (MSL) loader (4Rs only). Heavy-duty buckets, 4-in-1 buckets, pallet forks and snow pushes available. Joystick loader controls are standard on all models.

John Deere Financing
In the world of loader work, digging trenches, clearing ground, leveling driveways, putting in fences, sweeping sidewalks and caring for livestock and crops, you can count on John Deere  Financial. Just like John Deere Tractors, our roots run deep in some of the healthiest, high  producing fields and farms in the world and we’re proud of the long-standing relationships  we have with small farmers and large farming operations alike.

The lay of the land of commercial landscapers, sports turf complexes, golf courses, municipalities and federal governments are no strangers to us either. Let’s dig in. Put the strength and flexibility of John Deere Financing behind your purchase. We know the  landscape you work in and we’re committed to helping you get what you need. You can bank on it.

Protect your 4 Series Tractor with a PowerGard Protection Plan. It provides parts and labor coverage up to five years beyond your  manufacturer’s warranty. And if you sell your  machine before the coverage term ends, the remaining coverage is fully transferable to the next owner—adding value to your resale or trade-in. Talk to your dealer for details. Or visit us online.


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  5. John Deere 4044M, 4052M, 4066M, 4044R, 4052R and 4066R – technical specifications
John Deere 4M Series
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