John Deere 1023E, 1025R, 1026R Compact tractors Technical manual

This manual is written for an experienced technician. Essential tools required in performing certain service work are identified in this manual and are recommended for use. Live with safety: Read the safety messages in the introduction of this manual and the cautions presented throughout the text of the manual.

Information is organized in groups for the various components requiring service instruction. At the beginning of each group are summary listings of all applicable essential tools, service equipment and tools, other materials needed to do the job, service parts kits, specifications, wear tolerances, and torque values. Technical Manuals are concise guides for specific machines. They are on-the-job guides containing only the vital information needed for diagnosis, analysis, testing, and repair.

Fundamental service information is available from other sources covering basic theory of operation, fundamentals of troubleshooting, general maintenance, and basic type of failures and their causes.

How to Install Engine—1023E (S.N. 512601— ), 1025R (S.N. 324501— ), 1026R (S.N. 510501— )

  1. Install lift rings or cap screws to cylinder head cover into threaded holes. Install lift sling or chain to lift rings or cap screws, ensuring that no damage is done to rear fuel injector and fuel line.
  2. Lift engine using sling and hoist. Do not damage high-pressure fuel line on rear fuel injector.
  3. Install engine from right side of machine, starting with engine perpendicular to machine frame with flywheel going in first.
  4. Carefully lower and turn engine onto engine supports on frame. Pay special attention not to damage fan blades.
  5. Install M10 cap screws, washers, and nuts (A) to engine mounts. Tighten to specification.

How to Remove and Install Valve Cover

  • Remove muffler. (See procedure in this group.)
  • Loosen hose clamps from air cleaner hose and remove air cleaner.
  • Remove cap screws (A and B).
  • Remove valve cover.
  • Remove intake cover (C) and clean off mating surfaces and replace gasket (D).
  • Remove and disassemble breather baffle (F) and clean or replace mesh media.
  • Remove diaphragm cover (G), spring (H), center plate (I), and diaphragm (J).
  • Inspect diaphragm, spring, and center plate for wear or damage. Diaphragm must not have any cracks or tears and must not leak. Replace parts showing any wear

How to Remove and Install Exhaust Manifold
1. Remove muffler.
2. Remove six cap screws holding exhaust manifold to cylinder head.
3. Inspect all parts for wear or damage. Replace as necessary.
4. Install exhaust manifold and tighten cap screws to specification.

How to Remove and Install Cylinder Head
1. Remove air cleaner and air cleaner mounting bracket.
2. Remove rocker arm assembly.
3. Remove exhaust manifold.
4. Remove water pump.
5. Remove coolant recovery tank and mounting bracket from cylinder head.
6. Remove coolant temperature sensor wire from sensor.
7. Shut off fuel valve on fuel filter.
8. Remove high-pressure fuel lines and fuel leak-off line running from fuel injection pump to nozzles.
9. Disconnect glow plug wiring harness from engine harness.
10. Remove cylinder head cap screws.
11. Using lift brackets and hoist, pull head straight up from block.
12. Remove and discard gasket.
13. Disassemble and inspect cylinder head and valves.

Recondition Cylinder Head
Cylinder Head
Measure cylinder head flatness. Place a straight-edge along each of the four sides and each diagonal. Measure clearance between straight edge and combustion surface with a feeler gauge. If distortion exceeds the wear limit replace cylinder head.

John Deere 1023E, 1025R, 1026R Compact tractors
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