Holden Acadia 2019 AC Service Manual

Holden Acadia 2019 Warranty certificate

Holden Warranty application
This Holden Warranty is given by GM Holden Ltd., ABN 84 006 893 232, (‘Holden’) 191 Salmon St, Port Melbourne Victoria 3207. Holden Customer Care: 1800 033 349. The Holden Warranty applies to the vehicle identified on the inside front cover of this service booklet. It is provided to the original and subsequent owners / operators driving the vehicle within Australia during the Holden Warranty period.

The benefits conferred by this Holden Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies available to you under consumer protection laws (including those under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010), which cannot be excluded or limited (referred to as statutory rights). This Holden Warranty in no way limits or restricts your rights or remedies under such statutory rights.

Australian vehicles
This Holden Warranty is only applicable to vehicles purchased and operated in Australia. This Holden Warranty does not apply for Holden vehicles exported or operated outside Australia. Similarly, this Holden Warranty is not provided for Holden vehicles purchased overseas and imported into Australia.

Holden Warranty repairs covered
Subject to your non-excludable statutory rights and the exclusions shown on the following pages, this Holden Warranty covers the correction, of any manufacturing defect to materials or Holden workmanship and advised to a Holden Dealer or Authorised Service Outlet, by repair or at Holden’s option by replacement.

Holden Warranty period
The coverage under this Holden Warranty commences from the date of first registration (or in the case of a demonstrator vehicle the date when the vehicle was first placed into service by the Dealer). This coverage expires at the end of the period of 5 years (unlimited kms) or (if applicable) the earlier of the end of 5 years or 200,000 kilometres.

No charge
Warranty work performed under this Holden Warranty (including parts and labour) will be carried out at no cost to the vehicle owner. However, this work should not be confused with servicing specified in the maintenance schedule in this service booklet for which a charge is payable.

Holden Acadia 2019 Warranty Booklet
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