Case Farmall JX70, JX75, JX80, JX90, JX100 and JX110 Service manual

All maintenance and repair operations described in this manual should be carried out exclusively by the CASE IH authorised workshops. All instructions detailed should be carefully observed and special equipment indicated should be used if necessary. Everyone who carries out service operations described without carefully observing these prescriptions will be directly responsible of deriving damages.

To correctly install rotating shaft seals, observe the following instructions:

  1. Let the seal soak into the same oil as it will seal for at least half an hour before mounting
  2. Thoroughly clean the shaft and ensure that the shaft working surface is not damaged
  3. Place the sealing lip towards the fluid. In case of a hydrodynamic lip, consider the shaft rotation direction and orient grooves in order that they deviate the fluid towards the inner side of the seal
  4. Coat the sealing lip with a thin layer of lubricant (oil rather than grease) and fill with grease the gap between the sealing lip and the dust lip of double lip seals
  5. Insert the seal into its seat and press it down using a flat punch. Do no tap the seal with a hammer or a drift
  6. Take care to insert the seal perpendicularly to its seat while you are pressing it.Once the seal is settled, ensure that it contacts the thrust element if required.
  7. To prevent damaging the sealing lip against the shaft, place a suitable protection during installation.

Lubricate the O rings before inserting them into their seats. This will prevent the O rings from rolling over and twine during mounting which will jeopardise sealing.

Apply one of the following sealers: RTV SILMATE, RHODORSIL CAF 1, or LOCTITE PLASTIC GASKET over the mating surfaces marked with an X.
Before applying the sealer, prepare the surface as follows:

  • remove possible scales using a metal brush;
  • thoroughly degrease the surfaces using one of the following cleaning agent: trichlorethylene, petrol or a water and soda solution.

Use exclusively genuine CASE IH spare parts
Only genuine parts guarantee same quality, life, safety as original components as they are the same as mounted in production.
Only the CASE IH genuine spare parts can offer this guarantee.
All spare parts orders should be complete with the following data:

  1. tractor model (commercial name) and frame number;
  2. engine type and number;
  3. part number of the ordered part, which can be found on the “Microfiches” or the “Spare Parts Catalogue”, which is the base for order processing.

Cables from the external power supply should be connected exclusively to the respective terminals of the tractor positive and negative cables using pliers in good condition which allow proper and steady contact. Disconnect all services (lights, wind--shield wipers, etc.) before starting the tractor. If it is necessary to check the tractor electrical system, check it only with the power supply connected. At check end, disconnect all services and switch the power supply off before disconnecting the cables.

Case Farmall Service manual
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