Case Farmall 45A and Farmall 55A Operator鈥檚 manual

This manual contains information concerning the adjustment and maintenance of your Model Farmall 45A and Farmall 55A. You have purchased a dependable machine, but only by proper care and operation can you expect to receive the performance and long service built into this tractor. Please have all operators read this manual carefully and keep it available for ready reference.

Your Case IH dealer will instruct you in the general operation of your tractor. (Refer to the "Delivery Report" at the back of this manual.) Your dealer's staff of factory-trained service technicians will be glad to answer any questions that may arise regarding the operation of your tractor. Your Case IH dealer carries a complete line of genuine Case IH service parts. These parts are manufactured and carefully inspected to insure high quality and accurate fitting of any necessary replacement parts.


  1. Apply the parking brake, place the PTa control in the 'OFF' position, the 11ft control lever in the down position, and the transmission levers in neutral before starting the tractor.
  2. Do not start the engine or operate controls while standing beside the tractor. Always sit in the tractor seat when starting the engine or operating the controls.
  3. Do not bypass the transmission neutral start switches. Consult your authorized dealer if your neutral start controls malfunction.
  4. Use jump leads only in the recommended manner. Improper use can result in a tractor runaway on its own or causing damage to the battery.


  • The cooling system operates under pressure. It is dangerous to remove the cap while the system is hot. Always turn the cap slowly to the first stop and allow the pressure to escape before removing the cap fully.
  • Do not smoke while refuelling the tractor. Keep any type of open flame away.
  • Keep the tractor and equipment, particularly brakes and steering, maintained in a reliable and satisfactory condition to ensure your safety and comply with legal requirements.
  • Stop the engine before performing any service on the tractor.
  • To prevent fire or explosion, keep open flames away from baHery or cold weather starting aids. To prevent sparks which could cause explosion, use jumper cables according to instructions.

Biodiesel Fuel must be purchased from a trusted supplier that understands the product and maintains good fuel quality. Biodiesel Fuel must be pre-blended by the supplier. Mixirv:j Biodiesel Fuels on-site can result incorrect mixture that can lead to problems with both engine and fuel system.

With Biodiesel Fuels, it may be necessary to change the engine oil. engine oil filter and fuel filter elements more frequently than with Diesel Fuels. Biodiesel Fuel can remove rust and particles from the inside of on-site fuel storage tanks that would normally adhere to the sides of the tank. Like particles deposits that commonly occur with Diesel Fuel,these particles can become trapped by the machine fuel filters, causing blockage and shortening filter life. In cold weather, this is more likely to happen. Consult you dealer for information on cold weather operation and proper maintenance intervals when using any Biodiesel Fuel blend.

When handling 8iodiesel Fuel, care must be taken not to allow water into the fuel supply. Biodiesel Fuel will actually attract moisture from the atmosphere. Fuel tanks must be kept as full as possible to limit the amount of air and water vapors in them. It may be necessary to drain the fuel filter water tap more frequenlly.

Your machine is equipped with an operator Protective Structure, such as: a Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) or Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) or Cab with ROPS. A ROPS may be a cab frame or a two-posted or four-posted structure used for the protection of the operator to minimize the possibility of serious injury. The mounting structure and fasteners forming the mounting connection with the machine are part of the ROPS.

The Protective Structure is a special safety component of your machine.

DO NOT attach any device to the Protective Structure for pulling purposes. DO NOT drill h~19S to the Protective Structure.

The Protective Structure and interconnecting components are a cel1ified system. Any damage, fire, corrosion or modification will weaken the structure and reduce your protection. If this occurs, the Protective Structure MUST be replaced so that itwill provide the same protection as a new Protective Structure. Contact your dealer for Protective Structure inspection and replacement.

When cleaning the tractor, particularly if using a high pressure washing machine. precaution has to be taken to safeguard electrical I electronic components and connections. The pressure generated by some of these machines is such that complete protection against water ingress cannot be guaranteed.

While washing the tractor, using a high pressure washing machine. do not stand too close to the tractor and avoid directing the jet at electrical connections, breathers, seals, filler caps, etc. Never direct a cold water jet at a hot engine or exhaust.

Case Farmall 45A and Farmall 55A Operator鈥檚 manual
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