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The BMW X4 is a compact luxury crossover SUV, often referred to as a Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) by BMW, as it combines the attributes of an SUV with a coupe-like design. It is closely related to the BMW X3, sharing its platform and many components. The X4 was first introduced in 2014 and has seen updates and enhancements in subsequent model years.

Key features of the BMW X4 typically include a sporty and sleek exterior design, a luxurious and well-appointed interior, and a range of powerful engine options for varying performance levels. The X4 also tends to offer advanced infotainment systems, cutting-edge driver-assistance technologies, and other premium features commonly found in BMW's luxury vehicles.

As with any vehicle, details may change with new model releases or updates. For the latest specifications, features, and options available for the BMW X4, I recommend visiting the official BMW website or consulting a reputable automotive source for the most up-to-date information.

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BMW X4 F25 User Manual
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